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Who We Are

We are a group of Linux / UNIX engineers with certified experience.

We bring our experience gathered in more than 15 years in providing high quality Linux and UNIX support plans for companies and individuals. We offer a wide variety of support and administration from single project to enterprise class administration and outsourcing in Linux / UNIX servers, Storage, Application and Network management. We constantly take certifications for Enterprise operating systems in order to be up to date with latest technologies and features.


We are ready to join an existing team or take over the administration tasks. Our team has fast learners ready to adapt to new environments, join or take over the administration for Linux and UNIX.


We build solutions from scratch based on the client needs following custom architectural plans. We offer consulting, architectural plans, implementing and maintaining for Linux and UNIX environments.


Managing Infrastructure for your business is taking too much resources? This will be our responsibility to make a notable difference. From operating system to networking, storage and middleware, we can translate it into a fluid well know and understand flow.


We are able to automate your infrastructure, even if it is legacy Infrastructure or Cloud components. We have the knowledge to build from scratch or adapt your AWS, Azure, Google or others.

What We Do

We are ready to take over your IT Infrastructure, maintain and grow your business.

There are a lot of advantages when outsourcing a part or all of your Infrastructure services. From administration of operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows to complex projects of architecture of design, implementation and maintenance, all the people in our team has proven experience. And that is not all, we are certified

What else we can do

These are some of our recent projects which we are proud to present.

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